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The Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Priština,  FIEP Serbia and the Sports Association of Serbia have organized the 4th  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Anthropological and theo-anthropological views on physical activity from the time of Constantine the Great to modern times”. The conference topic included the theoretical, philosophical, medical, methodological and methodical aspects of research of physical activities in physical education, sport, recreation and kinesitherapy.

The conference was held on March 22-25, 2017 on Kopaonik. The conference opened with an intonation of the Serbian anthem.

The first to address the participants was the Rector of the University of Priština at Kosovska Mitrovica,  Professor Srećko Milačić, PhD, and after him the floor was taken by the president of FIEP Serbia, Professor Nenad Živanović, PhD, and the general secretary of the Sports Association of Serbia, Professor Jezdimir Marsenić. The conference was opened by Professor Veroljub Stanković, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education and the president of the organizing committee of the conference.

The opening ceremony was attended by, in addition to eminent professors and academicians, by the Rector of the State University at Novi Pazar, Professor Miladin Kostić, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of East Sarajevo, Professor Borislav Cicović, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Sport of Ljubljana, Professor Milan Žvan, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy from Bijeljina, Professor Dalibor Stević,  PhD, the Vice-dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of Niš, Professor Tomislav Okičić, PhD, the Vice-dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of Belgrade, Professor Vladimir Vukašinović, PhD, the Vice-dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Professor Nermin Nurković, PhD, the Vice-dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy of Jagodina, Professor Aleksandar Ignjatović, PhD, representatives from the Faculty of Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Alfa University from Belgrade, the State University from Novi Pazar, the College of Sport and Health Studies from Belgrade, professional sports associations, the Ski Resorts of Serbia, as well as multiple conference participants.

On this occasion, our faculty awarded certificates of acknowledgement for years of successful collaboration to the faculties from Ljubljana, East Sarajevo, Bakau, Bijeljina, Sarajevo and the Ski Resorts of Serbia. In addition, the faculty and FIEP of Serbia awarded 11 certificates of recognition for the development of physical education and sport to eminent professors with many years of experience, and to deserving young professors. 

The conference took place in two of the conference halls of the congress center of the hotel “Andjela” and the congress hall of “JAT Apartmani” over a period of three days, during which time it was attended by 300 participants, which included numerous students and professors. Plenary speeches were given by 8 lecturers from our country and abroad. Invited guest speakers that delivered their speeches on the first day of the conference were: Professor Milan Čoh, PhD, Professor Milan Žvan, PhD, on the topic of IDENTIFYING YOUNG TALENT IN SPORT, and Professor Vladimir Koprivica, PhD, on TENDENCIES IN MODERN SPORT. Invited guest speakers who delivered their speeches on the second day were: Professor Dragan Radovanović, PhD, on the topic STRENGTH TRAINING FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS, Professor Nikolae Okiana, PhD, on the topic INJURIES IN RACQUET SPORTS and Professor Petar Mitić, PhD, on the topic STRESS IN SPORT, while invited speeches on the third day were delivered by Professor Srđan Pešić, PhD, on the topic BETA-1,3/1,6 - GLUKAN and Professor Milan Stanković, PhD, DIAGNOSTIC AND TREATMENT OF THE SPINAL COLUMN AMONG ATHLETES.

For the duration of the conference, which was supported by all the faculties in Serbia, an agreement was signed, the founding document of the Association of Faculties of Sport and Physical Education of Serbia. Furthermore, a meeting of the editing board of the journal “Physical Education and Sport Through the Centuries”, which is published by our faculty was also held, and further forms of collaboration and improvement of publishing were agreed upon.

During the conference, a staff meeting of the journal “Physical Education and Sport Through the Centuries” was also held.

The moderators for the conference opening / Congress Hall of the Hotel ANĐELA / were Professor Nenad Živanović, PhD, Professor Goran Ranković, PhD, and Professor Veroljub Stanković, PhD. The moderators of Plenary session I / Congress Hall JAT Apartmani / were Professor Gabriela Ochiana, PhD and Professor Jadranka Kocić, PhD; Plenary session II / Congress Hall JAT Apartmani / Professor Nenad Živanović, PhD and Professor Milan Stanković, PhD; Plenary session III / Congress Hall Hotel ANĐELA / Professor Biljana Vitošević, PhD and Professor Gordana Nedin Ranković, PhD; Plenary session IV / Congress Hall JAT Apartmani / Professor Nikolae Okiana, PhD, Professor Saša Bubanj, PhD and docent Nikola Stojanović, PhD. The conference program included 72 presentations, 50 of which were reported orally. The number of submitted papers in comparison to the previous conference increased by 20%, and the number of participants increased by 25%. This year the conference was accredited by the ZUPV as a professional development program for physical education teachers working in a variety of institutions.

For this year’s conference a new modern website was designed at the following address www.konferencija.dif.pr.ac.rs which provided communication and offered conference information.

The faculty was awarded a certificate of thanks from ЈАТ Apartmani as a token of our excellent cooperation. This conference was attended by both of the rectors, all of the invited speakers and most of the participants, and received the highest grades for its scientific-academic, professional and organizational level. The idea that the conference  “Anthropological and theo-anthropological views on physical activity from the time of Constantine the Great to modern times” should continue to be organized annually at the same location was unanimously supported.

Report submitted by

The President of the Conference Organizing Committee

Veroljub Stanković, PhD, full professor

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