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The Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Priština, FIEP Serbia and the Sports Association of Serbia have organized the 3rd INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE Anthropological and Theo-anthropological Views on Physical Activity from Constantine the Great to Modern Times. The conference topics included theoretical, philosophical, medical, methodological and methodical aspects of research in physical activities in physical education, sport, recreational activities and kinesitherapy.

The conference was held on 23-27.03.2016 on Kopaonik. The conference began with an intonation of the Serbian national anthem and the premiere performance of the song Word Champions (Prvaci sveta) which had been ordered by the Ministry of Sport.

The first to address the gathering was the Rector of the University of Priština with temporary headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica, Professor Srećko Milačić, PhD. The conference was opened by Professor Veroljub Stanković, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, and the Conference President, after which the participants were greeted by the President of FIEP Serbia, Professor Nenad Živanović, PhD, and the Secretary General of the Sports Association of all of Serbia, Professor Jezdimir Marsenić.

The opening was attended, in addition to numerous eminent professors, by the Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education from Niš, Professor Milovan Bratić, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education from Belgrade, Professor Vladimir Koprivica, PhD, numerous conference participants as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy from Kosovska Mitrovica, Professor Branko Jovanović, PhD, the vice deans of many faculties, representatives of the Faculty of Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Alfa University from Belgrade, The State University from Novi Pazar, The College of Sports and Health Studies from Belgrade, The Teacher Training College from Jagodina, and various sports organizations and ski resorts from Serbia.

On this occasion our Faculty gave out plaques to commemorate the long and successful cooperation between the our Faculty and the ones from Niš, Belgrade, the host of the conference JAT Apartmani, the Ski Resorts of Serbia and Goodwill Pharm from Serbia. In addition, the Faculty and FIEP Serbia awarded 11 recognitions for contribution to the development of physical education and sport to eminent professors with decades of experience.

The conference was held in two conference halls in the congress center of the hotel Anđela and the congress hall of JAT Apartmani and during the first three days it was attended by approximately 300 guests, among whom were a number of students and professors. The opening speeches were given by six lecturers from the country, and the speech of Professor Miroslav Milankov, PhD, one of the leading European orthopedists caused special attention.

The plenary lectures on the first day were given by: Professor Nenad Živanović, PhD, entitled THE THEORIES OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AS A REFLECTION OF SOCIAL REALITY and Professor Dušan Mitić, PhD, entitled FOCUSED VOLUNTEER WORK AS ACTIVE FORM OF PEDAGOGICAL WORK. The plenary lectures given on the second day of the conference were the following: Professor Miroslav Milankov, PhD, lecture entitled THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF INJURIES TO THE ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT OF THE KNEE and Vladimir Krstić, PhD, lecture entitled THE ETIOOGY AND INJURY MECHANISMS OF THE ANTERIOR CRUCIAATE LIGAMENT OF THE KNEE, and the plenary lectures on the third day were given by the President of ADAS, Milica Vukašinović-Vesić, PhD, entitled THE BASICS OF THE FIGHT AGAINST DOPING IN SPORT OSNOVE BORBE PROTIV DOPINGA U SPORTU and Marija Anđelković, PhD, entitled ATHLETE DIETS.

During the conference a meeting of the editorial board of two journals were held: a meeting of the editorial board of the Povratak prirodi journal and the editorial board of the Fizičko vaspitanje i sport kroz vekove journal.

A total of sixty-two papers were submitted for the conference, of which 50 were presented.

The moderators during the conference opening were / the congress hall of the hotel ANĐELA/ were Professor Nenad Živanović, PhD, Professor Goran Ranković, PhD, and Professor Veroljub Stanković, PhD. The moderators of plenary session I / the congress hall of JAT Apartmani/ were Professor Branka Protić-Gava, PhD, Professor Jadranka Kocić, PhD and Professor Slađana Mijatović, PhD; of plenary session II / the congress hall of the hotel ANĐELA / Professor Goran Ranković, PhD, Professor Biljana Vitošević, PhD, and Professor Tatjana Tubić, PhD; of plenary session III / the congress hall of JAT Apartmani /, Professor Ružena Popović, PhD, Professor Violeta Šiljak, PhD and Professor Vladan Milić, PhD.

This conference was ranked very highly by the lecturers and the participants for its high scientific-academic, professional and organizational level. The idea that the conference Anthropological and Theo-anthropological Views on Physical Activity from Constantine the Great to Modern Times should be held each year at this location won significant support.

Report submitted by

The President of the Conference Organizing Committee

Veroljub Stanković, PhD, full professor

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